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SB 06 Flat/Pot Filler and Bale Breaker

*** New *** The SB 06 will now allow you to fill pots up to 12" (30 cm) tall.

Same great compact machine that allows you to fill your containers while simultaneously breaking your peat moss bales.

Included: Electric water valve, Reverse on the conveyor belt to fill big containers, 5' roller conveyor & tripod

Options available: Pneumatic wheels, Vibration system to provide an even compaction on plug tray, Power transfer to connect conveyor SB 10 on the exit, & SB 20 Bale hoist


SB 18 Cart Wagon

Wagon that moves grower carts anywhere they are needed with ease.

-    Fully adjustable to fit most common grower carts up to 32"  (81cm)     wide and 72" (183cm) long

-    Easily movable over uneven surfaces, gravel, grass or concrete

-    Spring-locking harness preventing carts from rolling

-    Wagon can be pulled with a golf cart, gator or by hand

-    Easily brings trays, flats or pots from the back of the property to the front retail area

-    Multiple wagons can be linked together as a train

Dimensions: 48" (122cm) X 102" (259cm)

Weight: 175 lbs (79kg)












SB 20 Bale hoist

Hoist with electric winch for easy bale loading

Less heavy weight to carry will contribute to respect the health and safety requirements at work.

A simple system. Easy to use and adaptable to our SB 01, SB 02, & SB 06 models.























SB 06 Flat/pot filler and bale breaker

SB 18 Cart wagon

SB 20 Bale hoist