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SB 10EPC Economical Portable Conveyor

The most portable and adaptable conveyor system to satisfy any configuration. You can set them up on tables, tripods and even on the ground. There is a possibility of two different power units in three different configurations.

The "V" guide under the belt assures continuous tracking and alignment. This system is equipped with a low maintenance power transfer (transfer casing).

There is no limit to the length of your conveyor line, you just add a power unit!

Belt Speed: 0 to 82 feet per minute

Power: 120 and 220 volt single phase 60HZ

              1 X 1HP motor, 10 Amp. Drive

Variable speed forward/reverse with weight load specs:

150 lbs per section /1200 lbs per 100 feet

75 lbs per section / 900 lbs per 150 feet


Length: 12.5ft (3.8m)

Width: 12in. (30cm)

Weight conveyor unit: 84 lbs (38kg)

Weight SB 10DPK power unit: 48lbs (22kg)

Weight SB 10PK power unit: 41lbs (18kg)


Options available:

Limit switch

Plug tray rack

90° Guide rail transfer corner

Motorized transfer corner

Small pot transfer rod

Towable or hand moving wagon with motor support to stack and move the conveyors


SB 01 & SB 06 Models will now allow you to fill pots up to 12" (30cm) tall

Same great machines. Please refer to individual pages in the filler or bale breaker sections for full product description and different options available.

SB 20 Bale hoist

Hoist with electric winch for easy bale loading

Less heavy weight to carry will contribute to respect the health and safety requirements at work.

A simple system. Easy to use and adaptable to our SB 01, SB 02, & SB 06 models.























SB 10EPC Economical Portable Conveyor

SB 01 and SB 06

SB 20 Bale hoist