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SB01 Flat Filler, Pot Filler, Bale Breaker, Mixer and a Small Bag Filler

The SB01 is the most versatile and compact greenhouse and nursery machine in the industry.

With this machine, you can fill almost all containers on the market. You can break your bale of peat moss, add water and fertilizer or make you own mix.

With its effective and simple even compaction system, you can easily fill plug trays and adjust to fill hanging baskets in only 2 minutes.

In addition, this system has a brush to clean the top of your container and return the extra soil back in the machine.

You can adjust the mouth of the auger on the opposite side to fill bigger containers, pots with roots or trees, small trailers and hoppers.

This machine comes on 16" wheels and with a tow bar for moving around easily.


- Capacity of one cubic yard or 3 compressed bales of 3.8 cubic feet

- Container size up to 18" (45cm) wide 12" (30cm) high

- Fills up to 1000 containers

- Mix soil and/or break bale in less than 2 min. per batch

- You can use it with peat moss, light soil; add water, fertilizer and small bark etc..


- 220 volt single phase 60 Hz

- 1 x 5 HP motor 23.0 Amp for mixer, bale breaker, auger

- 1 x 1/3 HP motor 3.3 Amp for brush

- 1 x ½ HP motor D.C. Variable speed 2.5 Amp for conveyor filling system

- Total: 28.8 Amp

- Option of different power


- Working position: 86" (2.18m) length 98" (2.5m) wide 72" (1.8m) high

- Storing/transport position: 86" (2.18m) length, 56" (1.42m) wide, 72" (1.8m) high

- Loading level: 43" (1.1m) high

- Weight: 1 200 pounds (544 kg)


- SB 20 Bale hoist    

 - Vibrating conveyor for plug cell trays to provide  an even compaction

- Different power available    


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SB 01 Mixer, flat & pot filler, bale breaker