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The SB 08, with its new design, facilitates moving indoors and outdoors by hand or with an ATV or tractor.

Our water injection system combined with our discharging and fluffer system allows water to be in contact longer and gives a mixture of peat moss and water much more homogeneous than our competitors. In addition, it eliminates all the dust at the output.

A holding bale system is controlling the speed of the tilting bale which eliminates the dust.

A hydraulic adjustable unloading level allows to combine the SB08 with any other equipment or to lower it in order to be moved into the greenhouse aisle.



- Can decompress up to 3 large bales per hour 

- Takes bales 55'' (1.4m) wide , 60'' (1.5m) deep, 108'' (2.74m) high

- Bale can be loaded with pallet jack or lift



- 240 volt single phase 

- 1 x 5 HP motor

- 1 x 2 HP motor



- 10 feet (3m) long, 76" (2m) wide

- Adjustable top height from 81" (2m) to 101" (2.56m)

-  Unloading level from 47" (1.2m) to 64" (1.6m)



- Side dispenser

- Foot pedal

- Side panels extension

- Different power available    


SB 08 Big bale breaker