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This web page was created to facilitate communication between sellers of used Machinerie S.B. equipment and potential buyers. Machinerie S.B. inc. and Ball Seed will not offer any legal warranty and both parties will need to communicate directly with each other. If you would like to sell or buy used equipment, please send us your contact information, name, and pictures of the machine for sale.

***This machine is sold***

SB 05 Manual tray & pot filler, bale breaker, mixer

Manufacturing year: 2016

Owner: Living Earth Farm inc.

Price requested: $5500.00 CAD

Located in Toronto, ON

Contact person: Jonah Krochmalnek

Telephone: 416-858-7840




*** This machine is sold ***

Dearhouse Farms

SB 09 Ultra mini bale breaker, mixer

Manufacturing year: 2018

Owner: Dearhouse Farms

Price requested: $2000.00

Located in Saint-Rémi, QC

Contact person: Chuck Barnett

Telephone: 514-516-4143


SB 05 Living Earth Farm inc ** Sold **

SB 09 Dearhouse Farms **Sold**