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SB 04 Water tunnel

Mainly built with stainless steel, the SB 04 water tunnel is designed for controlled watering of multiple containers such as flats, trays, pots, & baskets. It comes with 5 watering bars with an independent valve for each bar. The SB 04 comes also with a variable speed conveyor or without a motor so it can run in line with our conveyors, such as a standard section. The water tunnel comes with a photocell sensor and an electric water valve to stop watering when there's no containers on the line. It can also be connected with another equipment that will control the stop & go.


7 Feet in length (2.1 meter)

19.5" interior width (48 cm)

5 water bars with a distance of 12" (30cm) in between

Water bars adjustable in height from 9" to 20" (23cm to 51 cm) from the conveyor

Adjustable height of conveyor from 26" (66cm) to 36" (91cm)

120Volts (Different voltage available on demand)

SB 04 Water tunnel