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SB10 Telescopic conveyor portable

Unique in its category, set up requires only 2 persons and takes less than 3 minutes for 100 feet of conveyor.

The SB10 was designed to cut down on the operation cost.

With its strong frame the first section can hold 7 other sections piled on top of it. Its strong pneumatic wheels allow you to move 100 feet of conveyor anywhere inside or outside in no time. All the other sections are also on wheels, so you don’t have to lift both ends at the same time.

You can buy this conveyor in the length that you need from    12. 5 feet to unlimited length, we just add a motorized section every 100 feet.


This new version comes with stronger rollers of superior quality.

 Various set up possibilities due to parts that are easily dismountable, in particular the joints shown on the aluminium junction system picture.

 New square shaft to transfer the power and new scale to control the belt tension.

 Various modifications resulting in less maintenance and friction.

This new Motor less section

-12.5' (3.81m) long

- 12" (30cm) wide 

- Each section includes wheels and tripod

- Inclination up to 400

- With V guide under the belt for constant alignment

- Adjustable leg 26" (66cm) to 36" (91cm) high with 16" (41cm) wheel

- Width large axles: 27"; narrow axles: 19" (alternating)

- Weight with adjustable tripod and wheel = 110 pounds (49 kg)

- Maximum load: 150 lb (68 kg) per section.... 1200 lb (544kg) per 100' (30.48m)

- Maximum load: 75 lb (34 kg) per section ... 900 lb (408 kg) per 150' (45.72m)


- 12.5' (3.81m) length

- 12’’ (30cm) wide

- Can hold 7 sections (100' of conveyor) for heavy containers and up to 11 other sections (150' of conveyor) for lighter containers

- Variable speed forward and reverse switch.

- Strong frame able to support 7 other sections and power pack

- Adjustable leg 26" (66cm) to 36" (91cm) high with 16" (41cm) wheel swivel

- Total width: 38"

- Belt speed: 0 to 82 feet per minute

- Weight with adjustable tripod, wheel, strong frame, and power pack = 275 pounds (124 kg)


- 120 volts and 230 volts single phase

- 1 HP motor D.C. 10 Amps variable speed Fw. Rev. per 100 Feet

- Option of different power


- Plug tray rack

- 90 0 guide to transfer container on another conveyor

- Wheel corner

- Motorized transfer corner    

- Limit switch wireless

- Mini power unit 

- Small pot transfer rod

- Start stop remote control for one or multiple motorized             sections

- Wagon for motor less sections

SB 10 Telescopic portable conveyor