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The SB03 is a high speed production line machine, with uniform filling of multiple types of containers, plugs, flats, hanging baskets, and nursery pots.

This machine is designed to work with light soil to very heavy soils, bulk soil or under a bale breaker                


 -Variable speed soil hopper

- Variable speed conveyor

- 2 cubic yards capacity

- Container size up to 18" (45 cm) wide and 15" (38 cm) high

- Fill rate: 2 500 hanging baskets or trays per hour


 - 220 volts single phase 60 Hz

 - 1x 3 hp ac drive 27.2 amp. soil

- 1x ½ hp dc motor 2.5 amp. conveyor

- 1x 1/3 hp ac motor 1.85 amp brush

- Different power as an option


- Hopper for an additional 2 cubic yards capacity

- Vibrating system for plug trays for uniform filling

- Pneumatic wheels and tow bar

- Power transfer to activate SB 10 conveyor at the exit and/or entry

- Remote potentiometer

- Water injection system

- Fertilizer feeder

- Drill system

- Start/stop connection coming from transplanter

-Different power available    

SB 03 Tray and pot filler