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The SB06 can fill almost any container on the market. It allows you to break bales of peat moss or you can use with different types of soil. A garden hose can be easily installed to the watering system to moisten your soil before filling. With the SB06 effective and simple adjustments, you will be able to fill trays, and switch to filling baskets in minutes. This model comes with an electric water valve and a reverse on the conveyor belt to fill big containers. A roller conveyor of 5' and its tripod are also included.



- .6 cubic yard capacity, 2 compressed bales of 3.8 cubic feet

- Container size up to 18'' (45cm) wide and 12'' (30cm) high

- Fills up  to 1000 containers per hour

- Simultaneously breaks the bale while filling a container

- Can be used with peat moss and light soil


-  220 volts single phase 60 HZ

- 1/3 HP motor 3.3 AMP for brush

- 1/2 HP  motor D.C variable speed 2.5 AMP for conveyor

- 3 HP motor 16.8 AMP filling system


- Working position:  72'' (1.83m) long 64'' (1.63m) wide 74-1/2'' (1.9m) high

- Storage/transport position:  54'' (1.37m) long 51'' (1.3m) wide 74-1/2'' (1.9m) high

- Loading level:  41'' (1.0m) high

- Weight:  1000 pounds (453 kg)


- Vibration system to provide  an even compaction on plug tray

- Pneumatic wheels

- Power transfer to connect  conveyor SB 10 on the exit

- SB 20 Bale hoist  

- Different power available 

SB 06 Bale breaker, flat & pot filler