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 Hello. I'm Sylvain Bourdon, owner of Machinerie S.B. Inc.


  I'm taking a few minutes to make you an offer.

      I'm a passionate of hunting, since my childhood. I'm hunting only trophy big game  with my wife.


   I am looking for new territories, where there will be few hunters but a good deal of game population.


If you own or have access  to such territories and hunting is allowed, I would be interested,  even if we need to add our name to a random draw.


   My offer will depend on the quality of hunting offered and the number of seasons that I would be allowed to  hunt.  


  My offer:

I'm willing to exchange new or use equipment,  parts, or my time  for the maintenance of your machines while I will be on site,

against  the right of access and hunting on your land. 


     I am waiting  for your offer...!!